Three Mistakes to Avoid When Arrested

If you have been arrested on criminal charges in Reno, Nevada it is important that you obtain the assistance of a top Reno criminal defense attorney immediately. It is also important that you avoid making mistakes that may prove detrimental to your case. The following are three of the most common mistakes made by people that are arrested:

Waiting to Hire Legal Assistance

Criminally charged individuals often make the mistake of not obtaining legal representation immediately. By waiting to obtain a criminal defense attorney, you are weakening your defense. The sooner you hire strong legal assistance, the better your chances of a good outcome. You will have more time to build a strong defense. You will also lessen the risk of saying the wrong thing to authorities. If arrested in Reno, do not hesitate in contacting the best criminal defense attorney – Ken McKenna Attorney at Law.

Talking About Your Case

Individuals who are arrested often make the mistake of discussing their case with friends, family, the authorities, and others. Your family members can be forced to testify about anything you told them. You should also avoid posting anything on social media because authorities will use this information against you. Authorities are allowed to lie to obtain a confession or evidence to support a conviction and anything you admit can be used against you. Other individuals like cellmates can use anything you say against you as well. Avoid saying anything that will weaken your case. Stay silent until you have the assistance of an experienced criminal defense lawyer.

Lying to Your Attorney

Your attorney must know all of the details about your arrest in order to build the best possible defense for you. While you might be tempted to cover up details about your case, lying or withholding information from your attorney only serves to negatively affect your case. Make sure to tell your attorney if you ran from the police, if you resisted arrest, if you offered any information to authorities, if you let the authorities search anything, or if you signed anything. Lying to your attorney or withholding information about these or any other facts about your case is never a good idea.

Everyone convicted of a crime has rights under the law, but only the best attorneys know how to demand them for their clients. If you or a loved one are arrested in Reno and need professional legal counsel, contact Ken McKenna for the best representation.