Southern Pacific Railroad vs. Cecil Davidson

Retiree Accused of Theft by Former Employer

Some cases are just outright fun and for attorney Ken McKenna, irresistible.

Cecil Davidson was a railroad retiree, an 80-year-old, blind, black man who had a criminal problem for which he came to Ken McKenna. Cecil had been receiving pension checks from the railroad for years. One day in his mail he received a railroad check made out to him for $50,277.00. He took it to the bank, where they confirmed it was good and he deposited it. Thereafter he spent it on kids and grandkids, and some on himself playing 21. Cecil liked 21 at Harrah’s because the dealers were nice to him and helped him play, considering he could not see his cards. Many months later the Railroad Police showed up at Cecil’s house demanding the money and saying he stole it. They arrested him and he was charged with theft.

Someone recommended Ken McKenna as the attorney he should see. He did so and Ken McKenna accepted the criminal defense of Cecil Davidson on the charge of theft.

At court Cecil would arrive in his best 30-year-old suit and tie, with his tattered and worn “lucky” straw hat, white cane and pipe and sit next to his lawyer Ken McKenna for the Trial by Jury.

The result, you guessed it, Not Guilty.