Nevada Divorce Lawyer and Child Custody Law

Ken McKenna has distinguished himself from the crowd of “quickie Nevada divorce lawyers” by handling cases for some of Nevada’s most prominent and well-known families.

Ken McKenna handles the most complex and financially significant divorce cases with surgical precision and understands when real advocacy is required.

When serious issues of financial matters and child custody are in dispute Ken McKenna is the Nevada attorney of choice by those who know his reputation for excellence.

Ken McKenna knows that these cases, more than any other area of law in which he practices, requires expertise, finesse and talent to reach successful resolution.

Ken McKenna and his staff are especially mindful of the special care these domestic cases require, because of the unique relationship of the parties and the issues involved.

Ken McKenna strives to help the client through this legal experience with compassion, while both protecting the client’s rights and fighting aggressively for the client’s best interest.