Mary Howard vs. Reno, Nevada Highway Patrol

Landmark Sexual Harassment Lawsuit – Judgement: $500,000

The Nevada Highway Patrol had always been a “boys club” from its inception. But times had changed and Mary Howard was one of the first women to qualify and become a member of this elite State law enforcement agency. She was sexually harassed and discriminated against. When Mary Howard sought help regarding this situation all she found were closed doors. When she sought legal help from attorneys they all said they couldn’t take on the Highway Patrol because of its power and prestige. The attorneys were too cowardly to help Mary Howard.

Then someone told Mary Howard about an aggressive attorney named Ken McKenna. Ken McKenna was the twelfth lawyer Mary Howard had seen. Ken McKenna immediately took her case and fought it all the way to Federal Court where a jury awarded her $500,000.00 dollars for her emotional distress.

Thereafter Ken McKenna has taken on almost every government entity in the State of Nevada for sexual harassment and gender discrimination. His relentless pursuit of justice has forced changes that will benefit many future employees.