How Does Adultery through Ashley Madison Affect Nevada Divorce?

Match. EHarmony. Zoosk.

Seems like the options for finding a date online are as varied as the people who might use them, with some such as Christian Mingle and Farmers Only even catering to very specific groups. Many of the users of these sites are looking for their “happily ever after,” whatever that looks like for them. But, after the last couple of weeks, we are now aware of a site that focuses more on “happily tonight only”.

Ashley Madison has been one of the hot topics in the media since the site was hacked and names of subscribers released. The site touts itself as a place where people can find someone for an affair or one-night stand. On its surface it appears to be an invitation to cheat.

But in the world of divorce law, does cheating really matter? Not to the courts. A spouse doesn’t have to prove or even make allegations of adultery to get a divorce in Nevada. While grounds for the divorce must be specified when the case is filed, incompatibility is a sufficient ground. Adultery doesn’t even necessarily affect the award or amount of alimony or the award of child custody or visitation.

While cheating in a marriage or other monogamous relationship is far from a recent phenomenon, one question that has surfaced since the release of the data from the Ashley Madison site is whether technology has made cheating easier or increased the propensity to cheat. Experts agree on some points and disagree on others.

One psychologist says that these sites don’t necessarily encourage infidelity for someone who isn’t inclined to cheat anyway. Maybe they just make it easier for someone who is contemplating it. Most of the users identified in the data hacked from Ashley Madison appear to be men (although many users hide behind fake names and identities so it may be difficult to prove that).

While discovery of adultery may certainly signal incompatibility in your marriage, the grounds for divorce don’t have to be that blatant. Even though the national divorce rate has been declining over the last few decades, some marriages just weren’t meant to last. Ken McKenna, a prominent divorce attorney in Reno, Nevada, can help you consider your legal options and whether divorce is in fact the best choice for you and, if so, what to expect from a settlement.