Criminal Defense Attorney – Larry Peck vs. State of Nevada

Jury Finds Against The Death Penalty

Ken McKenna always wants to be the best lawyer he can be. He always wants to be on the top of his game. The way to know how great you are as a criminal defense attorney is to take on the hardest cases, the cases where the defendant has no public sympathy, where the crime is considered terrible and the stakes are the highest. Larry Peck was accused of shooting a police officer in the chest with a high powered rifle during a stand-off. The revered and beloved officer died at the scene.

The State sought the Death Penalty for Larry Peck. Whether you agree with the concept of a death penalty or not, the question in this case is does Larry Peck’s family have a right to try to prevent the State from executing him? Of course they do. They hired Ken McKenna to represent Larry Peck against the State seeking the Death Penalty.

No one believed that a person accused of this crime would be spared execution. Many seasoned lawyers and legal observers told Ken McKenna he did not have a chance to save Larry Peck from the death penalty.

Ken McKenna again, for the hundredth time in his unique and outstanding career as a true advocate for his client’s cause, shrugged off the naysayers and went to work. Through an extremely effective defense for Larry Peck, incorporating everything Ken McKenna has come to know about jury trials, he utilized his unique abilities to talk to the jury in a way that is gentle, persuasive, and effective…

…the jury found against the Death Penalty.