Child Custody Attorney – Harrah vs. Harrah

One of the Country’s Most Prominent Families

This case involved one of the most prominent family names in Nevada and the Country. The Harrah name is legendary in the gaming industry in Nevada and across the country where gaming is legal. Ken McKenna was sought out by the ex-wife in this case to achieve a change in the custody arrangement regarding her two children, that had been in place for years. There was a lot of water under the bridge and years of legal battling that had made the situation hostile. The odds were greatly against his client. The past record was against his client. The law was against his client and Ken McKenna took the case. He believed that he could somehow reunite this mother with her children and make a better quality of life for all of them.

These kinds of cases don’t fit into a defined legal mold. Ken McKenna knows that finesse, persuasion, and talented mediation can be more effective than years of all out war. Ultimately after one year of systematic work with a fantastic mediator these children were reunited with their mother and the whole family is enjoying the benefits of the peace that has been brokered between them. Ken McKenna has a great and ongoing relationship with these children and is always available to them if they need advice or help.

Family law is among the most difficult areas of law in which to achieve good and lasting results. When the results turn out as well as they did in this very complicated case it is important to take a minute and be thankful.