Business Litigation Attorney

Ken McKenna in matters of business and contract litigation has a simple and highly effective philosophy. He is a Reno, Nevada attorney who is of the opinion that smart business people should be able to rationally and fairly resolve their disputes without the overburdening, sometimes ridiculous, uncontrollable expense of full-out litigation.

Ken McKenna knows that resolution through negotiation saves thousands, even tens of thousands, of dollars in litigation expense. This approach is in everyone’s best interest.

Ken McKenna negotiates through strength, because the other side knows his record and reputation as an effective trial lawyer who can make a very persuasive case to a jury.

As a talented and capable Reno, Nevada attorney, Ken McKenna has the power to settle business cases fairly and reasonably without over burdensome expenses.

For proper representation in business litigation with the right financial philosophy and the ability to go the distance if necessary, Ken McKenna is your Nevada attorney.