5 Key Rights of Every Defendant in a Criminal Trial

Being arrested for a crime can be a frightening process that catches you off-guard. Before you know it, you are brought to jail and questioned about your involvement with a criminal offense. However, with an experienced criminal defense attorney on your side, you can expect to have all the protection provided for defendants under the U.S. Constitution. Here are five rights to demand during the process.

The right to fair searches and seizures

Illegally obtained evidence cannot be presented in court and held against you. That means that nearly every search and seizure of your property must be conducted with a warrant granted by a judge. If you were searched without a warrant, alert your attorney immediately.

The right to remain silent

Viewers of police shows on TV are familiar with the Miranda rights everyone hears stated to them upon arrest, and the list begins with the right to remain silent. Prosecutors can use anything said following an arrest against the defendant, so the best policy is to be quiet and wait to speak to a qualified attorney.

The right to an attorney

Anyone charged with a crime has the right to representation. When the arrested party wants help from a court-appointed attorney, this representation is provided free of charge. Unfortunately, public defenders have huge caseloads and rarely devote real attention to any one defendant. This is where a top Reno criminal defense attorney can help.

The right to trial by jury

Upon arrest and being charged with a crime, defendants have the right to a trial by a jury. An experienced criminal defense attorney will make sure the jury members selected do not give an unfair advantage to the prosecution, which makes this part of the process crucial. No one gets a fair trial with a biased jury.

The right to appropriate bail

Posting bail allows a defendant to leave jail while preparing his or her case for court. In some cases, the judge will set bail very high in order to keep the defendant in jail or make the process unusually expensive. If an attorney considers the bail excessive, it may be reduced if a judge agrees with the lawyer’s argument.

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